Gold leaf - elite food (6 photos)

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Swiss amber Delafee bogus of the finest varieties of amber beans.Precious flakes of 24 karat gold brand activated by battle with admirable accurateness on every bar of chocolate.What is the complete bureau in amber Delafee, this acclimatized accumulated of aftereffect of gold with the accommodation of chocolate,create a altered aftereffect and altered boutonniere of amber Delafee.Cigars with accurate gold Selected Dominican cigars, formed by battle and captivated in a breadth of antipode of accurate gold. Luxurious allowance cigar in the case of stainless breathing with an engraving.

Candy with Comestible Gold This lollipop adorned with agleam flakes of comestible gold.

Vodka with gold flakes Allegedly, this vodka is absolute adequate to drink. And except for a amiable taste, it contains flakes of 22-carat comestible gold.

The Sunday "Golden abundance" This dessert consisted of five balls Tahitian vanilla ice cream, prepared with madakaskarskoy vanilla, which were covered with sheets of edible gold leaf weighing 23 carats, the most expensive chocolate in the world «Amedei Porcelana», chocolate from cocoa beans imported from a village Chuao (Venezuela), as well as the American golden caviar, sliced passion fruit, orange, candied exotic fruits from Paris, marzipan cherries, truffles, decorated with drops of this gold top watered Armagnac. The Sunday was served in a glass of crystal Harcourt, along with a golden spoon, weighing 18 carats, nacre. Above the Sunday was decorated with a gilded sugar flower by Chef Ron Ben-Israel

The Sunday «Frrozen Haute Chocolate» Desserts able from 5 grams of comestible gold (23 carat) and served in a alpine bottle on the stem, which is internally coated with a band of comestible gold. The Sunday from the top is busy with aerated chrism covered with a attenuate band of comestible gold on top of which there are several varieties of amber "truffle» La Madeline au Truffle account $ 250 each, or about 5000 U.S. dollars per 1 kg.

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