30-year-old Chinese, Fuyang Li came to doctors with complaints of severe headache, bad breath and difficulty breathing. Doctors were shocked when it turned out that the cause of distress was 10-cm blade, which was located in the skull of a patient within the last 4 years.

30-year-old Lee says that four years ago he was attacked during a robbery attempt. Probably it was then 10 centimeters blade and got inside his skull.

The knife went under the jaw and went sideways, miraculously without hitting the carotid artery. All this time the patient did not suspect that is inside my head blade. During these four years, Lee stabbed himself painkiller regularly to cope with horrific headaches that regularly tortured him.

A man has successfully operated in the People's Hospital in Yuxi, Yunnan Province in southern China. This case has received widespread coverage in Chinese media and the Internet, after X-rays have been published on the site hospital.

Extracted from the skull of 10-cm blade was heavily corroded. Doctors call this incident "a real miracle." Struck by the fact that the blade passed through the skull, without touching the vital blood vessels, as well as the long period during which the foreign body was inside the human body.

At the initial examination before the operation, doctors carefully examined the oral cavity Lee, but did not find it no scars, no wounds, nor any traces of entering the blade.

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