Songjiang,( quarry mine ), ChinaSome pools absolutely blow you away with their aesthetics. Sometimes I ask myself what they were thinking of, and on what drugs these designers were when they create pools like this? This is more than architecture, this is truly the art! So, if you don’t have money for traveling, enjoy these photos.

Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas
The Golden Nugget mega-casino spent $20 million to create an unforgettable oceanic experience for its hotel and casino guests. The casino’s crown jewel is an enormous 200-thousand gallon shark tank that is entirely surround by an impressive swimming pool and cabanas. To really get up close and personal with the sharks circling the tank, then take a wet and wild ride down the 3-story waterslide ending in the refreshing crystal clear waters in the pool beneath.

Playboy Bunny, Las Vegas
The brilliant architecture of the infinity swimming pool that is found in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, exceed expectations and beauty. The Playboy Publishing empire entrenched at its very core in beauty and tasteful elegance through and through now takes a delicious dip into luxury swimming pools. No Playboy pool can be complete without its reknowned Playboy Bunny wearing a bowtie!

Playboy Mansion ; )
One of the most exclusive invites is to the Hefner mansion for one of the amazing parties and a dip in the grotto-styled swimming pool. Its hidden alcoves are infamous, and you can be sure some babies to the stars have been made in the infamous dive.

Begawan Giri, Bali, Indonesia
Soak up the blazing hot sun in the sweet salty ocean air laying out on the handsomely hardwood deck encroaching up to the Begawan Giri Hotel’s infinity swimming pool. Experience oneness with nature in a swimming pool that seems to fade into the tropical forest treetops of Bali, Indonesia. The lush emerald green and pearl white beaches of Bali only eclipse the aquamarine water that compliments the sheer beauty of this pool.

Hotel de Rome, Berlin
This has to be the world’s safest places to take a relaxing swim. Located in the prestigious Hotel de Rome of Berlin, this swimming pool is a slice of elegance. It is fit for both the financial guru and the eternally paranoid, as the pool and spa is located in a former bank vault. The building in which the hotel resides was once the Deutsche Transfer Bank.

al Qasr, Dubai
At the grand boutique Al Qasr hotel, one can expect nothing less than the best from this Dubai treasure house. The name itself means The Palace in Arabic, and the pool is no exception. It is a magnicifent, sparkling blue gem surrounded by beautiful Arabian architecture that will certainly make you feel like a sultan while taking a dip.

Hurghada, le Meridien, Egypt
Le Meridien Hurghada located in Egypt truly has something to boast about at the Le Meridien Hurghada resort. The Makadi Bay is the crowning jewel of Egypt when it came to building this beautiful sprinkling swimming pool that snakes through narrow canals and widens into shallow and deep bays.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile
The world’s most arguably most amazing swimming pool is also the world’s largest swimming pool and artificial lagoon according to the Guinness World Records. Located in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this pool actually dwarfs many natural lakes that attract visitors throughout the world. It contains a breathtaking 66 million gallons of water and blankets eight hectares of earth. This artificial lagoon and swimming pool is 1km in length and measures 100 feet deep (35 meters) in depth, while remaining as transparent as fine crystal from top to bottom.

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