No matter what content your process of Denver web design page holds-the fishing season calendar, driving direction to the nearest IKEA, or pictures from your kid's last birthday party it's the page's design that makes it look like either a professional enterprise or a part-timer's hobby. Good design enhances the message of your site,

helps visitors find what they're looking for and determines how the rest of the world sees your web site. That's why web designers went through the contortion described in the previous section to force HTML to look good. By taking on those design duties, css lets HTML go back to doing what it does best-structure content.

Using HTML to control the look of text and other web page elements is obsolete. Don't worry if html's tag is too big for your taste or bulleted lists aren't spaced just right. you can take care of take care of that later using css. Instead,think of html as a method of adding structure to the content you want up on web . Use html to organize your content, and css to make that content look great.

Writing HTML for CSS
If you're Colorado web design, you may need some helpful to guide your for days into HTML . And if you've been building web pages for a while, then you may have picked up a few bad html. Writing habits that you're better off forgetting . The rest of this introduces you to some html writing habits that will make your mother proud-and help you get the most out of css.

Think structure
HTML adds meaning to text by logically dividing it and identifying the role that text plays on the page: the tag's the most important introduction to a page's content. Other headers let you divide upon the content into other, less important, but related sections. Just like the book you're holding, a web page should have a logical structure.

HTML provides many other tags besides headers for marking up content to identify its role on the page. Among the most popular are the tag for paragraphs of text, and the tag for creating bulleted lists. Lesser-known tags can indicate very specific types of content, like for abbreviations and for computer code.

When writing HTML for css, use a tag that comes close top matching the role the content plays in the page, not the way it looks bunch of links in a navigation bar isn't really a headline and it isn't a regular paragraph of text. It's most like a bulleted list of options, so the tag is a good choice. If you're saying "but items in a bulleted list are stacked vertically one on top of the other, and I want a horizontal navigation bar where each link sits next to the previous link," don't worry. Eith css magic you can convert a vertical list of links into a stylish horizontal navigation bar as described.

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