The Biggest Beer (3 Pics)

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The Irish pub Auld Dubliner at the California city of Tustin, United States, was made the biggest glass of beer, whose height was 2.5 meters. He was filled with 1,628 th liters of beer, which was considered a new record in the category "The biggest glass of beer." This glass filled with beer about an hour. The owners of a pub poured beer all gathered in the bar visitors who wish to look at how filled with glass

In honor of the celebration at the pub also sold T-shirts and beer mugs. Proceeds of money received in memory of the dead firefighters fund administrative district in the city of Orange.
According to owner David Copley institution, the beer glass weighs about 336 pounds. Together with a beer glass weight was more than a ton, said a companion, David, Eric, even after they have weighed his glass. "We poured beer mugs and pumped through the pump - said Eric Johnson, and we'll drained a glass to the bottom."

Glass was manufactured by California Quality Plastics in Ontario and is made from a special acrylic fiber. The record holder among the glasses will soon go on tour to other institutions Auld Dubliners, located in the cities of the states of Arizona, Nevada and Illinois.
The previous Guinness world record in the category "Biggest beer glass was installed in 2008 in Chicago at the restaurant" Italian Steakhouse on Harry Caray. " Harry created a tall glass and a half meters and a capacity of 400 liters. Glass had a pen and tap for pouring beer. Completely filled, this glass weighs 600 kilograms.

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