17 and December 18 in Beverly Hills held an auction in which fans of the known Hollywood movies could buy these items, participated in the filming of their favorite films. We offer a look at some of these unusual lots.
1. Star Wars fans can not resist the famous helmet of Darth Vader from Star Wars Episode IV: «A New Hope" (The approximate price of 20-30 thousand dollars).

2. Walking tank AT-AT from Star Wars Episode V: «The Empire Strikes Back." This model was shot in the back seat. (Estimated cost 40-60 thousand dollars).

3. Mask and gloves Ellorrsa Madaka - an alien race of the Duros. In Episode IV: «A New Hope" among the bar, go to Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in the search for the pilot, you can see two such creatures. (Estimated cost 60-120 thousand dollars).

4. This suit, Edward - Scissorhands, who so brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. (The approximate price of 100-200 thousand dollars).

5. One of ROBOCOP, who starred in the movie "Robocop 2" (approximate cost 25-30 thousand dollars).

6. Mask worst enemy of Spider-Man - Green Goblin, which put Uilem Dafoe in the movie "Spider-Man." (Estimated cost 8-10 thousand dollars).

7. Terminator T-850 - full-size doll for gimmicks, who starred in the movie "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." (Estimated cost 20-30 thousand dollars).

8. Leather glove Terminator from the movie "Terminator."

9. Leather jacket terminator. Estimated cost of the set of a jacket and gloves 20-30 thousand dollars

10. Nike sneakers Forrest Gump. (Estimated cost 2-3 thousand dollars).

11. Genuine billboard advertising the film "Invisible Man" studio Universal Picture, released in theaters in 1933 (approximate price of 200-300 thousand dollars).

12. Superman's costume, in which Brandon Routh played the hero in the movie "Superman Returns." (Estimated cost 50-70 thousand dollars).

13. The famous team of reindeer and Santa Claus himself from the movie "Miracle on 34 street." (Estimated cost 20-30 thousand dollars).

14. Flying skateboard, where Marty by Michael J. Fox drove through the streets of the future in the movie "Back to the Future II». (Estimated cost 20-30 thousand dollars).

15. This version of the scenario, the role of Indiana Jones in the film "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark". (Estimated cost 50-70 thousand dollars).

16. Magic hat from the movie "Clash of the Titans."

17. Trash compactor from the movie "Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope."

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