Comes a new series (walking dead). Actors extras who played a zombie in a new film not only have to go through this "school zombies" to learn how to howl and dragging his feet, but still required the entire day of shooting to be in makeup, over which hours working professionals. We bring to your attention a brief excursion into the dressing room.

Not so easy to turn a man into a convincing zombie. Actors have to sit for hours in front of a mirror, until the master of make-up work on their way. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to use special prostheses, contact lenses and dentures.

Tools in the dressing room, where the working team of designers Greg Nicotera.

"Our Zombies - tall, thin, with gaunt faces. The key to success lies precisely in their distinctive faces, "- said Nicotera.

Nicotera also said that every day, once again came into the dressing room, the actor falls into the hands of a new makeup artist. "If we were always the same zombie - it would have quickly tired of the viewer, and every time a new employee contributes to the image of something special, a sort of its own distinction."

In those days of filming, when the area employed hundreds of extras cast in the form of zombies, Greg Nicotera and his team were forced to begin its work before dawn.

"What kind should have decayed zombie?" - On this point, we had great controversy. Everyone had an opinion. The solution? Try it! "We decided to keep it visually interesting for the viewer," - he said, "some look more" fresh ", some in a state of decomposition." This should show the degradation of zombies and lead us to success.

Greg and his team make-up artists should make every effort to ensure that their zombies looked convincing throughout the shooting day, because very often carried out shooting in daylight, which can easily reveal any lack of makeup. "During the filming of all makeup is constantly under the vigilant control of make-up," - says Greg.

Since shooting the series were held in Atlanta, the film team was confronted with the problem of constant heat. Because of the high temperature was not very easy to maintain "a terrible form of" zombies. "Make-up artists are always present on the set and tinted actors."

"I do not know if there's a world of zombies are better than ours," - says the author and director of the show Frank Darabon.

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