Gemini amazed mankind for thousands of years. Even today, when to zaimet five or six children, there is nothing unusual, the twins continue to attract attention. Yet many do not understand what being a twin. We offer you some interesting facts about twins.
22% left-handed twins. Among the general population the figure is much lower - 10%.

Number of births of twins depends on the place of their birth.

Distinguish between identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic) twins, as well as seven different subtypes, such as various types of conjoined twins.

Twins are not always born in the same day.

The twins do not necessarily have to be a father.

Do identical twins are different fingerprints.

About 25% of monozygotic twins are called mirror.

Do identical twins is almost the same EEG.

Gemini can come to his birthday party in Twinsburg, the festival of twins in Ohio, USA, or in competition twins in London.

Each of the twins develop their own language (speech).

The twins a DNA, but not identical.

Certain diets can increase the chance of giving birth to twins.

By the birth of fraternal twins' mother are genetically predisposed. The birth of identical twins by accident.

Dizygotic twins can have different skin color.

The twins can be different prenatal ages.

12 kg 340 g - the biggest in the history of the weight of twins at birth.

The twins were divided at birth but later reunited, are very similar in interests and personality.

Scientists believe that the number of possible cases of multiple births much more than cases of birth.

Number of types and genders of twins strangely symmetrical.

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  1. Kevan on December 20, 2010 at 2:57 AM

    I'm no grammar nazi, but please, for god sakes, make sure what you're writing makes sense before you post it. Almost nothing you've written here is legible. Even after giving it some leeway, the vast majority of your points are indecipherable!
    If you can't proof read it yourself, get someone else to. Let's hold ourselves to, at least, a base standard of writing, please.

  2. Debabrata Sarker on January 16, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    i agree... horrible grammar ... the facts could have been interesting if i could be decipherable :-|


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