The word "pyramid" imagination immediately gives a picture, which adorned the pyramid of Cheops. Probably very few people on Earth who have never heard of these great architectural sights of the past. Yet in the world is no less interesting of the pyramid, which were built not by the Egyptians. From Mexico to Indonesia, from China to the Canary Islands, we find the pyramid. Let's see which of them deserve our attention to you.

Pyramid Güímar (Tenerife)
These pyramids were discovered in 1990 by the famous traveler Tours Heyerdahl. This latest discovery of such a monument because the locals took this as a pyramid-agricultural terraces, which, in their opinion, were built grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

The island of Tenerife, by the way, is the most visited island of the Canary Islands. After some time, scientists realized that the pyramid their faces clearly oriented astronomically. Stones of the same, of which consist of a pyramid, of volcanic origin. Just a couple of years in Tenerife came ethnographic park "Pyramids Güímar.

So far scientists can not tell us who built such large monuments. Heyerdahl believed that these pyramids were built Guanches - the most ancient inhabitants of the island. By the way, Güímar was previously the largest kingdom Guanches on Tenerife.

Pyramids of Meroe (Sudan)
Despite the proximity of the pyramids, and known to us all the pyramids of the Egyptian Pharaohs, Meroe created a completely different culture, originating from the region of Ethiopia. The first settlements in this region appeared in the 8 th century BC, and about the same time period there were pyramids of Meroe.

This is also the king's tomb, as is the case with the pyramids, pharaohs created. In addition to these pyramids were crowned kings, who, interestingly enough, argued "on the post of the priests.

In a region that now belongs to the Sudan, is now housed more than 50 pyramids, each of which - the tomb of a king or nobleman. As you can see, this pyramid in its structure is very different from the pyramids, the pharaohs built.

Pyramid of the East
This giant pyramid located in the Chinese province of Jilin, near the Korean border. This giant pyramid has served as tombs for the rulers of medieval China.

Near symmetry gigantic structure is another architectural creations of the past - the mausoleum of Tangun. According to North Korea in this mausoleum lie the remains of Tangun, lord of the first Korean state Gojoseon.

As for the pyramids, it was built of earth and clay, with few stones. Despite this seemingly unstable material, the pyramid keeps its shape so far.

Brihadeshwara (India)
It is believed that this is the biggest temple in India dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple has previously exercised simultaneously two functions: it was, and strength, and the temple. Brihadeshwara - the richest temple of Shiva.

Completed temple in the form of a pyramid, which was built in the Chola Dynasty. For the time this temple was built very quickly - in just 25 years. The height of the pyramid is 58 meters and the length of each of the four walls of the temple, forming a rectangle - 152 and 76 meters.

It is also believed that in this temple a huge treasure chest, which contains the most incredible treasures. For centuries, the rich people who worship Shiva, the dancing God, gave this temple jewels and land. The servants of the church carefully guard the secret of the fact that it can be in the treasury.

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