In axial China on the Yellow River was destroyed up the dam. The access was peaceful in adjustment to abolish the alluvium from the riverbed. Attempts to bright the Yellow River will endure addition 10 days. From such an emergency absolution of baptize produced abundantly able breeze abrasion abroad the alluvium deposits on the 800-kilometer amplitude of river.

Yellow River got its English name "Yellow River" for the blush of the water-rich mud that done out of the adobe soils from the area on which it flows. The Chinese name is Huang translated as "mountain sons of Khan", which credibility to the common calamity of the river, aggressive the abolition and losses to humans active forth its banks. It is accepted that over the accomplished 2,000 years the river over a thousand times out of its abandon and at atomic 20 times afflicted the aisle of his bed.

No wonder people call it "the river thousands of grief. The most dangerous area in the whole Yellow River is the Great China Plain, where the river slows down its flow and spreads widely, and sometimes the level of the river is three meters above the surface plain. She is prone to periodic large floods. But, like many other large rivers, it gives new life to the fields, because the retreating after the spill water leaves a large part of fertile loess collected upstream.

However, the Yellow River - absolutely one of the addled rivers in the world. Thus, it carries about 26 kg of alluvium per cubic backyard of water, while river calamity - up to 544 kg. This shows that the amount of breeze of the river is almost high, after accident acceleration even if casual through the all-encompassing irrigation arrangement in the plains.

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