Liang Yong was in Guinness Book as the most fat Chinaman world ... And still more recently he was admitted to hospital because excessive obesity impact on health ...

une 1 Liang Yong poses for photographers at the hospital of the Chinese city of Chongqing, together with members of his family (left - right) 53-year-old mother, Jan Means, 63-year-old father Liang Chaochzhun, 3-year-old daughter, Liang Shuang, 5-year-old son, Liang Xin, 27 -year-old wife, Tang Xiaoyan, 23 year-old sister Liang Cui and aunt.

30-year-old man with an increase of 1 m 58 cm weighs about 230 pounds. Photo: Liang Yong and his three-year daughter in a hospital ward.

According to doctors, they are easy to work with such an unusual patient. Medical devices is difficult to measure the physical parameters of its body, it is very difficult to find vessels. In photo: two nurses trying to move Liang Yong.

Liang Yong suffering from obesity since 1998. During these years he tried many different methods of weight loss, but success is not achieved.

Weight Chinese had reached 230 pounds during the growth of only 158 cm, which led to a sharp deterioration of health. Since last week, Liang Yong lies in ICU hospitals of the city of Chongqing.

May 27 Father Liang Yong and health care worker pushes a cart with the most obese patients in China, which were going to be examined at the hospital.

In 2008, Chinese doctors have promised to help Lien UNU lose a hundred pounds in two years, after which the patient's weight at 110 pounds, doctors had to surgically remove all the excess skin. However, the Chinese failed to lose weight. Photo: Father helping son get off the trolley at the hospital.

Lian Yun earns his living by entertaining the audience. However, large profits, these shows do not bring.

Overweight or obesity affects more than 20 percent of adult residents of China.

According to scientists, the main causes of the obesity epidemic threatens China are urbanization and growing popularity of European cuisine.

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