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I was talking with this little daughter of my staunch politically democrat friend, the daughter who was aspiring to be the President of USA one day but would not know Democrat from Republican.

So I asked her, "What would you do when you become the President of USA like George Bush."

She said, "I would give all the homeless people a home to live in."

I exclaimed, "Noble idea. Here why don't you come to my house clean up my backyard, dog poops therein and I will give you 25 dollars. Then you and I will go the neighborhood grocery store where all those homeless people roam around to gather free thrown away food. You give them 25 dollars I gave you and that will be your first step towards buying them a home."

She immediately snapped back, "Why then those damn homeless go to your home, clean up your dog poops and you give them $25.00”

I told her, ""They are damned for work by God that's why they are homeless dear. But welcome to the Republican party of America."

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